What you should bring...

  • Containers ­ the most commonly used containers are beef buckets, ice cream buckets or a similar type with handles.
  • Sun block, sun hats, drinking water for the field ­ remember it is often several degrees warmer out here in the valley, especially when you are in a sunny, open field.
  • The entire family - but not the family dog! Due to food safety procedures, dogs are not allowed in any of the fields. Also, since we are short on shaded areas, we do not recommend that you leave them in your vehicles while picking. Please leave Fido at home where he has all his creature comforts.
  • Please check in upon arrival where your containers will be weighed. You will be directed to the correct fields for picking.
  • Patience ­ we see a lot of people every day and sometimes we are a little backed up!
  • A change of shoes and clothing ­ just in case the little ones get dirty.
  • Don’t forget your wallet – for payment we take cash. We do not have debit service.
  • Local berries have a short shelf life ­ especially if not refrigerated.
  • Remember to take berries home immediately and refrigerate. Berries left in a warm vehicle will start to decay within two hours!